Valentines Day

This weekend you can try these food and it will surely make it a romantic night..

1. Garlic


It’s surprising that garlic would be considered a sexy food, considering its reputation with causing bad breath, but it has actually been considered an aphrodisiac ( food that stimulates sexual desire) since ancient Egyptian times.

It is extremely high in allicin, which improves blood flow making you feel more alert, increased stamina, and a surge of untamed energy. So try black garlic for more of a sweet and balsamicky flavour to your dish.

2. Honey


In the medieval era people would consume honeyed drinks in order to increase their sexual appetites. Ancient Persia saw couples devote an entire month to drinking beverages made with honey after their weddings. They believed that it would help to forge a successful marriage – hence the term ‘honeymoon’.

Honey is rich in B vitamins and boron, which is what’s needed for the production of testosterone for men, and it also enhances blood levels. It also aids the body to use and metabolize the female hormone estrogen.

3. Ginger


Ginger has been deemed a powerful aphrodisiac of increasing sexual prowess. Its scent is thought to stimulate the circulatory system, allowing the blood flow to reach every corner of your body. Brew ginger in hot water, then add some lemon and honey for an immune boosting spicy tea.

4. Truffles


The truffle’s rarity adds to their wild and mysterious nature, and because of this they’re considered a luxury food and it is one of the world’s finest aphrodisiacs.

It is said that truffles replicate the smell of the male pheromone, which is similar to the smell of male sweat, making its smooth and earthy musk irresistible to the female sex.

5. Chorizo


This oily spicy red meat consists of high levels of protein and zinc, which aids the production of testosterone. It is also a good source of thiamine which allows your body to absorb amino acids, and helps turn food into energy.

Tip: No need to use oil while cooking as chorizo will release it’s own oils as it cooks. Maybe drizzle a little of its spicy juices on his tongue to awaken his taste buds.

6. Figs


Figs are one of the most infamous foods historically associated with sex and sin. Their alliance with sexuality has been recognised in almost every culture. In the biblical story of Adam and Eve, figs are a symbol of sexuality as their leaves are used to cover both of their naked bodies

Even their shape could hold erotic connotations for people, and their many seeds are a representation of fertility. And in ancient Greece figs were considered a symbol of love. It is even believed that the inside of a fig resembles the female sex organ

Figs are loaded with antioxidants, flavonoids, fiber, potassium, and are a source of iron, which aids the function of the heart and blood cells. Iron also helps to prevent fatigue, which will make you feel energised for more activities

7. Medjool Dates


Dates are found in the dry deserts, and they are considered exotic and sacred. They are known aphrodisiacs for women, and in Iran and Nigeria it is thought that dates can improve a person’s sex life.

Their squishy, sticky, dark, and sweet flesh is packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that replenish energy, and revitalise the body. These sweet and sticky fruits could be the perfect food to involve in a romanic evening with your partner.

8. Liquorice


It was believed in ancient China and Egypt that liquorice could intensify sexual arousal and lust. Even its scent seems to be stimulating. Clearly, a whiff of liquorice can increase the blood flow to the penis by 13 per cent

It is thought that liquorice contains phytoestrogen sterols, that is known to affect sex hormones, although there is no real scientific proof of it

9. Berries


One of the secrets to berries’ bedroom-boosting prowess lies in their high zinc content, a nutrient that is key to stimulating libido. Zinc regulates testosterone, vital for sperm production in men, and helps women get in the mood by enhancing their sex drive

10. Salmon

Salmon2-min Valentines Day

Most seafood is considered to be naturally aphrodisiac, but the salmon fish has been highlighted as the powerhouse of seduction

It is a great source of protein, which is important for stamina, and packed with omega 3s, which have been proven to raise serotonin levels in the brain, therefore elevating your mood. Salmon also contains vitamins A, D, B and calcium, which are all known to boost the sex drive


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