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Self Improvement

The term “self Improvement” broadly means the act of improving your self, but it can also refer a number of distinct topics. Self Improvement could include personal-development in terms of leadership skill, goals setting,visualization skill, organizational skill, time management, and mind-power and several other things.

Also developing good habits is a basic rule of personal-development and growth. Every thing we do is basically comes out of our habits that we have learned in the past. Sadly, not all habits that we have are awesome, that is the reason we try to improve ourselves at different aspects of life.

So guys let’s have a look at some good habits that worked for me. hopefully, they will work for you too.

Health Habits

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30 Minutes of exercise every day. Specially if you do not move your body while working, it is important that you get some daily exercise. 30 minutes every day is the minimum suggested for good health. Because good-health is directly connected to the mind. If your health is good your mind be active, you will be able to perform in a better way, eventually.

Don’t miss your Breakfast. About 18% of males and 13% of females between the age of 35 to 54 are big breakfast skippers. Breakfast is the must take meal of the day. Having breakfast is linked to many health benefits, like weight control and improved performance.

8 hours of sleeping. Cutting sleeping is never a good idea. You may assume that you are scoring time by sleeping less, but in reality you are only scoring stress & tiredness. 8 hour is a perfect number of hours for maximum people, which according to scientist, is true, along with an optional 20 minutes nap after lunch. If you sleep properly, it will fight weight gaining process, it improves decision-making abilities, it decreases stress as I said before, it refreshes your Immune system.

Drink a glass of fresh water when you wake up. 70 percent of the human-body content is water, and so water plays a crucial role in the good functioning of your body. When you get up in the morning, your body is de-hydrated and needs water. So make the habit of drinking one glass of water after you wake up in the morning. Benefits of drinking water in the morning includes: Glow of your skin, renew your body cell (Cell is basic unit of your body, it is just like a ‘brick’ in your house), cure illness and laziness. Also, drink often in day time.

Neat and clean body. I hope you all know the benefits of keeping the body clean. No body wants to be dirty. Still, take bath once a day to kill all those bacteria sticked to your body since you took bath last time. Bathing makes you and your mind active and fresh.

Productivity habits
self improvement , how to do self improvement, how to personality development?,

Use a Todo list. Make a habit of recording of all the ideas and things that strike your mind. You can use a todo app in your phone or a small diary. This habit will help you manage, prioritize, and execute all those activities which are important for you and you can’t afford missing them out. Tell you a secret, I read interviews of some sucessfull people, most of them said they make their ‘Todo’ list everyday in the morning.

Now Prioritize. If you have your ‘Todo’ list, where do you start? here you need prioritization of your list. If you are in doubt, take the advice of an expert and talk to yourself: “If I could achieve only one thing today, what it would be?”

Clean off your desk and room. Having a clean room and shining desk is necessary to maintain focus and creativity. Agree?

Create a daily routine. There are lots of tasks that you need to carry out every day or every week. Try to brutalize them as much as possible.

Set ‘STRICT’ deadlines. Now this one is very important. Setting deadlines is easy but setting ‘STRICT’ deadlines is breathtaking. If you are setting ‘STRICT’ deadlines it means you have to meet the deadline anyhow. I can give you a tip and it works. When you do some thing, decide before you start, when you are going to stop. There is a rule which states that ‘you will full-fill all the time you have available for accomplishing a task’, so make a habit of setting ‘STRICT’ not strict deadlines to maximize your productivity.

Necessary Habits
self improvement , how to do self improvement, how to personality development?,

Read a book every week or two. Reading is a best way to keep your brain active. With just 30 minute of reading every day, you can complete one book a week, or more than 50-books a year! but the target is not just completing the books and making a world record. This process will increase your knowledge and will keep your mind active.

Set daily goals. Set target for each day in advance. Decide what you will do tommorow, then just do it. Without a clean and clear focus, it becomes very easy to succumb to distraction.

Think positively. Another factor that affects you and your surroundings. If you make any mistake, try to find the reason and try to learn from it. Nobody is perfect as you know, everybody do commit mistakes. Some people learn from them, while others creates a -ve picture of themselves.

Think before you buy any unnecessary item. Wait for few hours before you buy anything that is not much important. This could save tremendous amount of money, try it.

30 minutes of Meditation a day. A great way to gain concentration, clearness and peace is by meditation. 30 minutes is not a lot, but sufficient to get you started with meditation.

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