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Numerous individuals like to believe they have a little bit of a daredevil inside them but are willing to truly test these terrifying things? To be a thrill seeker, one must be challenging and willing to join in the most dangerous of activities only for the surge of it. They thrive off of risk and endeavor.

If you fit the delineation, you should take the challenging activities we’ve recorded underneath into a couple of authentic thought. We’ve collected presumably the most striking and energizing activities you can do in this world. The real question is: would you dare?

1. Be bold and rip off your clothes to participate in the Sopelana Nude Race

1.-Be-bold-and-rip-off-your-clothes-to-participate-in-the-Sopelana-Nude-Race. Terrifying Things


2. Enter Red Bull’s Cliff Diving World Series in Azores, Portugal and jump off a 88-foot stone into the water



3. Go for a hands-free walk around the CN Tower’s 116 story revolving restaurant while being harnessed at 1168 feet in the air in Toronto



4. Explore the mysterious deep south of Antartica by boat



5. Swim with millions of jellyfish in Palau’s Jellyfish Lake



6. Take a walk down the world’s longest glass bottomed bridge between the two peaks of Stone Buddha Mountain in Hunan



7. Eat dinner literally in the sky on a flying dinner table



8. Go cage diving in the “Cage of Death” where you’ll come face to face with killer crocodiles that are only one layer of acrylic away from eating you in Darwin, Australia



9. Jump off a plane and skydive 29,000 feet above Mount Everest (the highest skydive in the world)



10. Take on the Moroccan Marathon des Sables (the toughest footrace on earth) in the Sahara desert




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