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For these Ladies Bigger is better!
They have been crowned winners of the world’s Largest hips with a combined circumference of stupendous 27ft. Mikel, Denise, Marlena and Claudia face a lot during their day to day struggles but are happy to flaunt their huge curves.

42 years old Buxom beauty, Mikel Ruffinelli, currently holds the world record for the largest hips, which measures in at a well rounded eight foot.

1. Marlena Plummer , mother of 4 kids, loves to flaunt her curva-licious body and she is very proud of her big Asset!
big hips

largest hips

2. Denise Souder alias Sweet Cheeks is totally in love with her balloon bikini. And she is very confident about the way she is.

big3 amazingus

world largest hips @amazingus

Sweet cheeks with little cheeks

largest hips

3. Claudia Floraunce believes her 64 inch hips hold the key to potential stardom, and that’s why she moved from Austria to Hollywood.


4. Mikel Ruffinelli is The lady with the World’s biggest Hips. You can see her with her supportive family.


But there are many drawbacks of such Big figure. Mikel struggles yet smiles everyday to perform her routine activities .

Mikel with her record breaking hips. 

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