Ships That Went Missing

A ship that starts from some place for another place, some of them- well equipped with tracing devices, and suddenly it disappear somewhere, and nobody knows where the ship has gone. Don’t you think, it’s something Weird? Well I can’t answer this question but here I would like to show you something, may be you could find the answer.

While Surfing, I came across with few Ships that went missing

1. SS Arctic

Ships That Went Missing

SS Arctic was a 2,856-ton paddle steamer, one of the Collins Line

, which operated a transatlantic passenger and mail steamship service during the 1850s. It was the largest of a fleet of four, built with the aid of US government subsidies to challenge the transatlantic supremacy of the British-backed Cunard Line.

In September 1854, while on passage to New York from Liverpool, Arctic collided in fog with the French steamer Vesta off the coast of Newfoundland, and sank four hours later. No one was called to account for the disaster, and no official enquiry was held. (Read More)

2. Andrea Gail

Ships That Went Missing

Andrea Gail was a commercial fishing vessel that was lost at sea with all hands during the “Perfect Storm” of 1991. The vessel and her six-man crew had been fishing the North Atlantic Ocean out of Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Andrea Gail began its final voyage departing from Gloucester Harbor, Massachusetts, on September 20, 1991, bound for the Grand Banks of Newfoundland off the coast of eastern Canada. After poor fishing, Captain Frank W. “Billy” Tyne Jr. headed east to the Flemish Cap where he believed they would have better luck. Despite weather reports warning of dangerous conditions, the captain set course for home on October 26–27, 1991. It is known that the ship’s ice machine was malfunctioning and unable to maintain the catch for much longer.(Read More)

3. L’Acadien II

Ships That Went Missing

L’Acadien II was a Canadian-registered fishing vessel that capsized and sank on March 29, 2008. The vessel was being towed by Canadian Coast Guard Ship (CCGS) Sir William Alexander off Cape Breton, Nova Scotia at the time of the incident. Two of the crew of six were rescued and four men were killed in the incident.

Witnesses say the Sir William Alexander was going too fast and failed to realize L’Acadien II had swerved into a large cake of ice and capsized.

The Transportation Safety Board (TSB) investigation report released later that year found that the clutch was likely engaged in the ahead position with the engine running as it left the centreline track. Combined with the deflected rudder, this would have caused L’Acadien II to sheer to port, whereupon it struck the ice.

Once the vessel struck the ice, the combined effects of the towline force and direction, the fishing vessel’s ahead propulsion, and the inertia of the CCGS Sir William Alexander propelled L’Acadien II partially onto the ice and then back into the water on its starboard side, whereupon it subsequently capsized.

4. SS Baychimo

Ships That Went Missing

SS Baychimo was a steel-hulled 1,322 ton cargo steamer built in 1914 in Sweden and owned by the Hudson’s Bay Company, used to trade provisions for pelts in Inuit settlements along the Victoria Island coast of the Northwest Territories of Canada. It became a notable ghost ship along the Alaska coast, being abandoned in 1931 and seen numerous times since then until her last sighting in 1969. (Read More)

5. SS Marine Sulphur Queen

Ships That Went Missing

SS Marine Sulphur Queen, T2 tanker ship converted to carrying molten sulphur, noted for its disappearance in 1963 near the southern coast of Florida, taking the lives of 39 crewmen.

In the investigation, the Coast Guard determined that the ship was unsafe and not seaworthy, and never should have sailed. The final report suggested four causes of the disaster, all due to poor design and maintenance of the ship. The loss of the ship was the subject of lengthy litigation between the owner and families of the missing men. (Read More)

6. MV explorer

Ships That Went Missing

The MS explorer was a Liberian-registered cruise ship designed for Arctic and Antarctic service, originally commissioned and operated by the Swedish explorerLars-Eric Lindblad.

explorer departed from Ushuaia, Argentina on 11 November 2007 on a 19-day cruise intended to trace the route of 20th century explorer Ernest Shackleton through the Drake Passage (an area typically stormy with rough seas). After visiting the Falkland Islands and South Georgia she hit an iceberg in the Bransfield Strait close to King George Islandin the Southern Ocean, near the South Shetland Islands, on 23 November 2007. The object struck by the Explorer made a reported 10-by-4-inch (25 by 10 cm) gash in the hull which allowed water to enter. The Argentine navy later said in a statement it observed “significant” damage. (Read More)

7. SS Vaitarna

SS Vaitarna, popularly known as Vijli or Haji Kasam ni Vijli, was a steamship owned by A J Shepherd & Co, Bombay that disappeared on 8 November 1888 off the coast of Saurashtra region of Gujarat in cyclonic storm during a crossing from Mandvi to Bombay.

SS Vaitarna was anchored on Mandvi port on 8 November 1888, Thursday (Vikram Samvat 1945 Kartik Sud Pancham), in noon and ship left for Dwarka after taking 520 passengers on board. She reached Dwarka and had some more passengers onboard reaching 703 in number. Ship left for Porbandar. Though according to lores, Porbander port administrator Lelie told Captain not to venture into the sea but later research did not supported the claim. Due to bad weather ship did not stop at Porbandar and directly headed for Bombay. At evening, ship was seen off the coast of Mangrol and later at night some people claimed that ship was seen wrecking near Madhavpur (Dhed) amid severe storm. The next day it was declared missing.

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