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You may have heard of a diamond studded Rolex watch that costs $5000 or more and you never wondered about it because it makes sense. But have you ever heard a lemon or a potato or watermelon being sold at $500 or $200? that’s true, just have a look at these simple day-to-day things that became very expensive ridiculously

1. A sacred lemon that auctioned for $600


Lemons have a very special place in the Hindu faith as Hindus across the world use it along with chillis to ‘ward off the evil eye’. But just how special is the fruit for Hindus? Well, quite special, if we were to go by this one bizarre incident, where a ‘sacred lemon’ was auctioned by a temple and it fetched an unbelievable price of $600 or Rs. 39,000! The auction was organised by a temple in the Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu, as a part of the nguni Uthiram festival.

2. A special Hat


Simón Espinal, arguably the best weaver in history, was commissioned to weave this hat for Brent Black. It is made of extremely fine toquilla straw, and was handwoven over the time of five months. We wonder if Mr. Black ever loses this hat in the wind, and if so, just how long is he willing to chase it and look like an absolute idiot?

3. La Bonnotte Potatoes


Extremely rare and allegedly incredibly tasty- a claim we will likely never have the budget to confirm- these tubers are among the rarest vegetables in the world. It costs $700 per kilogram
We assume they don’t make these into French Fries and dip them in ketchup?

4. Diva Premium Vodka


Scotland’s Blackwood Distillers even make the process of producing their vodka incredibly decadent; it’s actually filtered through crushed precious stones, which include diamonds. The price actually varies ($5,000-1,000,000) in part because gems find their way into the bottle, which must be nice because if you choke on one, once it’s out it’ll at least pay for your medical bill!

5. Luxury Soap


The art of soap has been booming for the last few years. There has been an increase in handmade soap companies in the world, but the most important one is in Lebanon. The Bader Hassoun and Sons soap company who has unveiled the “most expensive soap in the world,” made of pure gold dust, olive oil and virgin honey and embedded with diamonds, at the Qatar Pool and Spa 2013 at the Doha Exhibition Centre. The cost is around 2800$ for a 160gr bar.

6. Expensive watermelon


Sold at Sembikiya flagship store in Tokyo and throughout Japan, the black-skinned, stripeless Densuke watermelon is reported to have a special type of sweetness. Grown exclusively on Japan’s northernmost island, Hokkaido, only 100 Densuke are farmed each year. The most expensive one ever sold was a whopping 17 pounds and went for $6,100 at an auction in 2008, making it the priciest watermelon in the world

7. A Nailcutter


It’s $70. it’s expensive because of the way it cuts down the nail. Most of the clipping motion is slow until you get to the actual part where you cut the nail, where it speeds up and hammers down dramatically


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