Here is the list of facts about human body :-

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1. Muscle tissue is three times more efficient at burning calories than fat 

more muscle = more calories burned = less fat = being more fit looking.

Muscles has a small volume than fat. Gaining muscles would help us losing fat. A teenager needs to eat 1500 calories pre day to make sure our body and brain can function normally. If we eat less than 1500 calories we will automatically lose muscle tissue,our body goes into starvation mode and our body will cling to every gram of our body fat.

2. We are taller in the morning than in the evening
During the day our body has to deal with the stress of standing,so the discs compressed and the fluid sweeps out. This results in we losing a small amount of extra height.

3. By the age of eighteen our brain stops growing
From that age forward it begins to lose more than 1,000 brain cells every day. Do not fear; since the fully developed brain has over 100 billion cells,at the rate of losing 1,000 cells each day, it will take 300,000 years before our brain is out of cells.Humans use about 100 percent of their brain.Modern MRI scans proved that people use just about their entire brain even when we are sleeping.It is a myth that humans use only 10 percent of their brain.

4. Our body produces enough heat in only thirty minutes to boil a half-gallon of water
We produce heat from all that is going on-exercise, metabolising food,maintaining homoeostasis and as we  sweat,exhale, excrete, and urinate.

5. Humane bone is strong as granite,relative to supporting resistance
There are over 200 bones,each one connected to tendons and cartilages and distinctively for its particulars function or functions.Human bone is stronger than granite for upholding weight-indeed, up to four. A block of bone the size of a matchbox can support 9 tonnes-that is four times as much as concrete can support.


6. For every pound of fat gained,we add seven miles of new blood vessels
Our heart work hard to pump blood through the new network,which may reduce oxygenation and nutrient replenishment in other tissues.This can be reassuring if we are trying to lose weight.1 pound may not be a lot of weight lost on the outside, but it has innumerable health benefits. It reduces chance of getting breast cancer, ovarian cancer, or prostate cancer.

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