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Just imagine a fish with long pointed nose, with wings like birds, ribbed fins and green glowing eyes. How it looks likes? Weird..Right!. or may be it won’t look like a fish to you. But this bizarre fish caught off the coast of Newfoundland.

This eerie catch is said to be a long nose Chimaera that branched off from sharks almost 400 million years ago. The spooky fish has a long nose, menacing mouth and a venomous spine atop its gelatinous body.


Long-nose chimaeras are one of three chimaera species in North Atlantic waters, but seeing one is quite uncommon because they live more than several hundred meters below the surface.


 Its beady eyes are designed to find food along the dark sea floor, Its eyes are normally black, but due to sunlight they turned neon green


Sometimes called the ghost shark, it has a whip-like tail and can grow to around three feet long. Their pectoral fins are wide and flat, similar to wings, which makes them seem as if they are ‘flying’ through the water. 


 The chimaera weighed between two and five kilograms

Although this creature looks like something from of a nightmare, it feeds on shrimp and crabs and is completely harmless to humans.


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