It’s weird case from 2007
A 44-yr old married man having two kids and a nice job was treated and results showed that he have been living his life without most of his brain. He found his brain missing.
It was because of some brain damage, Doctor says.

brain missing

The discovery came in to light when that person living in France felt some weakness in his left leg, this weakness made him to visit a neurologist and it was discovered that approx 70% brain was missing and still there were no ill effects except leg weakness. And interesting thing was that person bears a good IQ level of 75 average.

Reason for Brain Missing:

According to Real Clear Science it is a case of Hydrocephalus which is abnormal accumulation of Cerebrospinal fluid. He got this accumulation of fluid when he was a baby.

At that time doctors inserted a ventriculoatrial shunt in his skull to take that fluid out of his brain and then at the age of 14 doctors removed the shunt, and after that the researchers decided to check the condition of his brain using computed tomography (CT) scanning technology and another type of scan called magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). They were astonished to see “massive enlargement” of the lateral ventricles – usually tiny chambers that hold the cerebrospinal fluid that cushions the brain because fluid started filling his brain again.

All four parts of brain were reduced which mainly controls Language, Vision, hearing ability, emotion, senses and other functions.

brain missing

The black hollow part on the left side that you see in image is that liquid which replaced the whole brain of this man. Can you imagine this.

Result: Now the phenomenon is unexplained by neurologist and considered as an extreme case of brain adaptability. But the findings revealed that brain can adapt damages occurring in post and prenatal period if treated properly.



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