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Meet Mumtaz Begum, with human head fox body, on display at the Karachi Zoo in Pakistan. This lady is actually real, she moves her face and talks to the visitors too, this bizarre creature manages to delight visitors more than any other animal in the zoo


When you enter Mumtaz Mahal, the building that houses Mumtaz Begum, all you can see at first is a fox’s hide placed on a table-like arrangement. Suddenly, a woman’s head appears out of nowhere, exactly where the fox’s head is supposed to be


But the truth is something else. Mumtaz begum (Half fox-half human) is just a mythical character. The character is played by a 35-years-old Murad Ali, a father of two, who sits in the curtained cage for up to 12 hours a day. He inherited the role of Mumtaz from his father who died 18 years ago


Mumtaz became a permanent exhibit at the zoo around 40 years ago after being set up by some circus people. The zoo’s director said she has always been played by men because they can respond better to harassment from visitors.


Tickets to see Mumtaz are priced at Rs. 10 ($0.10) but the show is so popular that it manages to turn a profit


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