Half Man and Half Alligator

This creepy creature, famously known as “Jake the Alligator man” who is half man and half alligator, found in a swamp in Florida

Jake..Half Man and Half Alligator

Swamp's Jake

It’s the 5-foot, 8-inch monster with a long muscular tail, which went viral after the news got published by Weekly world news

The 5-foot, 8-inch monster! .Half Man and Half Alligator

This mummified alligator can be seen at the Marsh’s Free Museum in Washington

Half Man and Half Alligator

The eyewitnesses said that the gator man had the greenish scale and was very fast in speed

jake alligator

This creature was seen almost all the large swamp of the Southeast and there were reports of Jake smoking cigars in a fancy New Orleans brothel “when he was alive and wiggling.”

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This Is Jake, Half Man and Half Alligator Who Found In Florida Swamp.!!


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