Treasure Hunting is a very popular activity in Florida. Divers keep searching the new locations in order to discover the hidden treasure.

On 30 July,2015 the crew of the S/V Capitana, led by captain Brent Brisben, was scrubbing the waters off the coast of Vero beach in Florida and there they hit the Jackpot (The hidden treasure).

They have discovered Gold worth millions of dollars including 350 gold coins and out of these 350 coins, 9 coins are known ad Royals and each of these coins are valued at $300,000.

The coins have lain for the past 300 years without any chemical decomposition or any other damage. These coins were made specially for the King of Spain Philip V in the late 16th century

The Jackpot, was discovered from 1715 Fleet shipwreck,and the team recovered it on the 300th anniversary of the 1715 shipwreck. Honestly, July 31 happened to be the night of a blue moon.

It was in July 24, 1715, eleven ships travelled from Havana to Spain to deliver “The Queen’s Jewels” with at least Gold worth $400 million. All was lost at sea, however, when a hurricane hit July 31, 1715.

Now, The recovered treasure will be shared by Brisben, co-captain Jonah Martinez, diver William Bartlett and Dan Beckingham. Captain Brisben also owns 1715 Fleet — Queens Jewels LLC, which has exclusive salvage rights to the Spanish shipwreck.

Out of the $4.5m worth Gold only 20% will be given to state of Florida just for the purpose of displaying in museum in Tallahassee.

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Hidden Treasure Found: Gold worth $4.5 Million.!!

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