Kids Looks Like Grandparents

Its a sad story of a brother and sister who lives in Jharkhand, India. They suffer from a rare condition that leaves the kids looks like grandparents


Brother is just 18 months old and his sister is 7 years old. Both have wrinkled skin, suffer pain in their joints and swollen faces. Moreover people tease them for their looks


In live with their father, Shatrughan Rajak (a laundry man who earn $70 or 4,500 Rupees a month), mother Rinki Devi and their older sister daughter Shilpi, 11, and none of them have the disease


They suffer from a rare form of Progeria as well as a disease called Cutis Laxa that causes a child’s body to age faster than it should which doctors in India say is incurable


The children’s condition is similar to the story of Hollywood film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, in which Brad Pitt’s character is born as an old man and ages in reverse, growing younger during the film

Most children with the condition – which affects just one in every 4million births worldwide – don’t live past the age of 13. Let’s pray for the kids.

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These Kids Looks Like Grandparents B’coz Of A Rare Condition And Its Killing Them.!!


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