Maldives beach

When you look at these pictures of the Maldives beach you might think of something edited using Photoshop but this is absolutely a natural phenomenon. It was captured by a Taiwanese photographer Will Ho, and he posted pictures of what he thought was ‘blue sand’ to Flickr.


These beautiful light thing on Maldives beach was actually caused by a large number of bioluminescent phytoplankton called Lingulodinium polyedrum. You might have seen same sort thing in movie Avatar.


These tiny organisms emit light when stressed, be it by the lapping of waves, the carving action of a surf board or other, creating what looks like a network of stars.


You know beautiful things are very harmful sometimes. Same goes with these plankton, these plankton are part of a red tide, which is when the population of phytoplankton like these explodes in a certain location, coloring the water a dull orange-red


Some of the organisms that form red tides are directly toxic to marine wildlife and humans, while others simply produce toxins that accrue in shellfish, making them unsafe to eat.


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