man Turned Into A Girl

This is an amazing love story of a MAN from India and a MAN from Pakistan who have crossed all the limits of Love

Man from India was born in Lucknow as Gaurav Sharma underwent a sex change surgery and became a girl named Meera, because he wanted to be with his Pakistani lover Rizwan

man Turned Into A Girl

Story goes like this…..

Meera who is a known Kathak dancer met her Pakistani Lover over a social networking site in connection with her Ph.D, 5 years ago. After a short period of time, the duo bonded over their love, which later developed into an inseparable relationship

Boy Turned Into A Girl ..

As they realized that they cannot live separate Rizwan offered to undergo sex change surgery so that they could be together for the rest of their lives.

However Gaurav overwhelmed by the offer decided to take the extra step and to change his lifelong identity for the sake of love


After consulting a doctor in Mumbai, Gaurav started taking hormone treatment followed by a series of surgeries over a period of nine months to transform fully into a girl. Which costed him approximately $12000 or Rs.8 lakhs

This was even while facing strong opposition from her family. Meera said only her sister stood by her when she decided to undergo sex change


Gaurav, who now goes by the name Meera says that, she had a normal upbringing and even had relationships with women and was about to get married marry when she met Rizwan

Incidentally the duo haven’t even met personally so far. The only face-to-face interaction they had so far was over skype. They hope to have their first meeting in March when Rizwan is likely to travel to India to meet her

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