Manuel Barrantes

Manuel Barrantes is the person from Costa Rica(USA) who made a home in hole. He delicately spent 12-years of his life to build this 63-foot-deep underground house.

Here’s few interesting things about this 2000 sq. feet house

Manuel Barrantes-min

He got 3 bedrooms inside for the family to use, and a living room and meditation area decorated with plants and lights. Barrantes call his home Topolandia

Manuel Barrantes1-min

Manuel Barrantes2-min

The unique dwelling has been carved into red soil and volcanic rock, with several entrances leading into its mysterious depths

Manuel Barrantes3-min

His subterranean bathroom is studded with colorful stones which gives a unique look.

Manuel Barrantes4-min

He has beautiful paintings and murals which puts life into his house. He also painted skull on his wall

Manuel Barrantes

Manuel Barrantes6-min

Mr Barrantes digs underground as he continues to expand his house. He have made the whole underground network using just a pick and shovel.


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