unicorn woman

This 87-years-old lady named Liang Xiuzhen south west China baffled the doctors with a 5 inched horn on her head. They aren’t able to explain what it is exactly, but it bears an uncanny resemblance to a unicorn’s horn and so unicorn woman

Her horn is growing from last two years approximately and it’s still growing. That’s terrible and really painful

Here’s the full story of unicorn woman

The story started 8 years ago when Liang Xiuzhen had a black mole in the area where the horn is now growing

It started itching so the family started treating it with a local herbal remedy. As the remedy worked without side effects, the family just carried on using it without concerns._

unicorn woman ...

Two years ago, the mole split up and a small horn started growing from the skin. In the beginning, it was just about the size of the little finger and around an inch long. As the growth didn’t seem to be getting any bigger, the family ignored it


Earlier this year, when Wang Zhaojun was washing her mother’s hair, she accidentally ‘knocked off’ the horn. And another growth soon replaced the original horn and started growing rapidly

unicorn woman

Within a space of six months, it had grown to a horn measuring five inches in length and just over two inches in diameter. The solid growth now resembles an animal horn in shape and colour. However, the skin around the horn is red raw and occasionally blood seeps through

Liang Xiuzhen (above) from Sichuan, south west China, had a horn growing out of her head for two years

They rushed to see the doctors and doctors have identified the growth as a cutaneous horn. The structure can be removed using surgery, depending on the physical fitness of the patient

unicorn woman ...unicorn woman

However, due to the fact that the horn has been growing so quickly, doctors are also worried that the growth may be cancerous.Wang Zhaojun hopes that he might be able to persuade his mother to get treatment if available

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