This is the story about a 17–Year-old Ashik Garai from Mumbai was suffering from pain in his jaw which continued for 18 months. After a checkup it was found that boy had 232 extra teeth in his mouth

and so after a 7 year long operation he got these teeth removed


Ashik was referred to the city’s , where doctors found he was suffering from a condition known as complex odontoma.


Odontomas are haphazardly arranged tooth-like growths. They are composed of enamel, dentin (the yellowish tissue that makes up the bulk of all teeth) and pulp tissue (part in the centre of a tooth made up of living connective tissue).


After removing those the surgeons also found a larger ‘marble-like’ structure which doctors struggled to extract.


Fortunately the surgeons managed to maintain teenager’s jawbone structure, meaning it should heal without any deformities. Once removed, odontomas do not recur.


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