An interesting research figured out how dogs could be very helpful in finding cancer cells and help doctors eliminating those killer cells. Recently a trial was approved by Britain’s National Health Service for dogs capable of sniffing out prostate cancer. Prostate is a gland in human reproductive system specifically in males.


As dogs are famous for their smelling capabilities and they can easily detect even minute odours associated with any cancer causing infected cell. We humans have 5 million sensory receptors on the other hand dogs have 300 million receptors. you can think yourself  how good they could be in finding any odour.

These cancer causing cells have different kinds of organic smelly compounds and dogs can sense these smell in breath and Urine. What the dogs are doing is finding the odours from bio-chemical changes in human body and this is opening a new way of diagnosing diseases and conditions in the future.

Recently, Medical Detection Dogs gained all-powerful compliment from Milton Keynes University Hospital for added trials, after initial psychoanalysis showed trained dogs can detect prostate tumours in urine in 93 percent of cases. The Charity says dogs undergo training for approx six months, after which they can identify traces of cancer cells in urine. At the charity’s facility the dogs do the rounds, sniffing a machine that holds eight urine samples. When they detect the sample that contains cancer cells, they either stop and sit down by it, bark or lick the bottle to indicate they can smell the cancer. Dogs are initially rewarded when they detect any urine scent, and then later only rewarded when they successfully identify cancer cells in urine samples.

Not only the cancer, several other diseases can be detected with the help of dogs capability of sensing as several diseases carry some or other kind of odour generating cells.

Ultimately the objective is to use the opinion that the dogs produced to actually build an electronic nose. So eventually you could have a robot that sits on consultant’s desk, you’d put the urine sample in it and it would publicize you if it was certain or negative. That would be the ultimate goal.

However, a realizable ‘electronic nose’ is yet many years away, behind no technology practices to acquire close to the sniffing power of man’s four-legged friend.

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