Giving donkey milk to new born babies is a fad in various parts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Even though this is not a very highly practiced thing, a lot of people are actually doing this. Also, there is no scientific study to prove this as of yet, but there is a high demand for the nutrition in donkey’s milk.

This donkey milk business is flourishing in these states because apparently, donkey milk costs a lot.

One such fellow chap is Krishnappa from Kolar who goes from house to house to give donkey milk at the rate of 50 rupees for a spoonful, reported Bangalore Mirror. Yes, that’s right! It is much costlier than the premium branded milk!


There is a reason behind such high prices of the donkey milk. The reason being, in spite of giving the donkey good fodder, the donkey produces only about 100 to 200 ml of milk per day.

Krishnappa also sells his milk based on the belief that donkey’s milk is good for children!

Luckily, here have been no medical problems or emergencies from it.

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