Portuguese man of war

All of us like to see the stuff what is easy on the eyes and we are always attracted to the beautiful things. But sometimes beautiful things are terrible, you know what I mean 😀 . No actually I am talking about this jellyfish like creature called Portuguese man of war that has killed dozens with their venomous & painful stings


So don’t get fooled by this beauty


This man of war can deliver an agonising sting from long tentacles that trail in the water leaving the victim stunned

Portuguese man of war

Their stings can be so powerful it can incapacitate swimmers, sending them into shock and sometimes even resulting in death


They Travel in pods of 1,000.They live at the water’s surface and are carried along by winds and tides to the beaches


Alone in water with this 100-feet-long tentacles which can paralyze you is definitely not the dream

Portuguese man of war

and so the warnings on the beaches


If got stung, don’t pee on the affected area, it will make things much worse. And use cold compresses for bringing down the swelling


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