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Everyone knows what the palm reading is. You may have unsuccessfully tried to read your palm once in a while. But have you ever thought there could be something more than reading life lines like love life.


Yes, its thumb reading. Length of your thumb could reveal much about you Love life and here’s how to read your thumb..

1. Bigger upper part and smaller lower part


If everything is good between you and your partner , your love life will be awesome. And if something is wrong between you and your partner, love life will be worst. If you are in love, your partner will be everything for you. They need any help, you will be there. Even if they don’t need any help, you will still be there ready for a hangout.

It’s really sweet, but be careful you don’t scare that person away with all your love and attention. You may begin to be a bit obsessive about where they are and what they’re doing, so think again and try to remember: they’ve chosen to be with you. Create that perfect balance and you’ll have that perfect relationship you’ve worked so hard to find!

 2. Upper half equal to lower half


So if you have thumb of this category then you are a calm and reasonable person when it comes to relationships, so no drama here if you can help it!

Once you’re in a relationship setting goals could be your biggest success and sometimes your biggest failure. If you have a plan, and you have to stick to that plan, it will be too bad for you if your partner doesn’t like it.

This can be a pitfall for relationships, especially when coupled with your level head, which often means you aren’t overly emotional. I mean, they went on a trip for a month but you know they’re coming back, so why freak out when they return? Well, maybe cause they won’t be convinced you even care! Try to imagine your life without the person, and use that emotion for help in your relationship. After all, plans aren’t any good if you don’t have anyone to share them with.

3. Smaller upper part and bigger lower part


You are a classic observer. You watch others to see what a relationship should look like, where others make mistakes, and what you want in your partner. Learning from other’s mistake is absolutely awesome. But observing can have its downfalls too. It can cause you to question yourself before diving into a relationship, and you could miss out on some great chances with great people.

It can also mean that you take relationships very, VERY slowly. This can become frustrating for your partner who thinks maybe it’s time to move in after five years of dating. So ideally, you’ll find someone who can help you let go of all your worries and your strife.


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