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Now you will be able to see a breathtaking underwater museum in Europe called the Atlantic Museum, it will be made  at a depth of 39 feet and viewable to its visitors by a scuba dive or from glass-bottomed boats

underwater museum in europe-min

This museum comprises of fantastic and beautiful installations that draw the attention towards the society dividing the present arena with the past one. It’s the first underwater museum in Europe.

This exhibit shows a man with a mug standing by a counter, with a dog lying on the ground at his feet

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Atlantic Museum has been designed by British artist Jason deCaires Taylor, who is the author of similar creations in Cancun, Mexico and Grenada in the West Indies

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The exhibition includes a sculpture called Content, featuring a couple taking an underwater selfie

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The statues are carefully lowered into the water using chains and supports

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Museum is made up of 400 sculptures

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The Raft of Lampedusa is a poignant structure echoing the huge movement of refugees across the sea to Europe and the frequent fatalities that occur

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The structures are modelled to attract plant and marine wildlife, to therefore represent the harmonious relationship that can exist between humans and nature

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The ethereal figures are made from high-density, pH neutral concrete that doesn’t affect the marine ecosystem or local flora and fauna

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The project has been designed on a conservational level to create a large scale artificial reef for local fish species and also to raise awareness of current threats facing the world’s oceans.

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This Amazing Underwater Museum In Europe Is Absolutely Breathtaking.!!


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