You can see an auto on the Thiruvanmiyur-Sholinganallur route in Chennai. This auto is  different from other auto’s that you can see on roads. This auto has top class facilities. Free Wi-Fi, mobile charging point, 40 magazines, 10 newspapers, TV, laptop and tablets,m-Visa and a card punching machine with the goal that customer can even pay cashless. This auto has all of this.


Annaduraia, 32-year-old, was born in Peravurani, a small town in Thanjavur district. And this hifi auto belongs to him. He has been running his share auto for 7 years now.


In general, this auto rickshaw is an entire performer. Whether you are making a trip to work or returning home, it is adequate to engage you. Annadurai comprehends that individuals are more intrigued by extravagance nowadays and he needs to bring that into the universe of auto rickshaws.


Annadurai has as of late propelled an application called ‘Amazing Auto’ as of now available for android and he is working on iOS version of it. People can book the auto from this app if the auto is nearby them and also app notifies users when this auto is available in their area


His auto has free rides offer too. Like on valentines’ day it is free for couples, for mothers on Mothers’ day, for mens on Fathers’ day, and for children’s on their birthdays. Free rides for all teachers.


Annadurai wants to changes the way autos work, henceforth, he made the Amazing Auto. He has progressed significantly from being a secondary school dropout to a business person who conveys uplifting talks.


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