Terrible Thing

If you habitually use the same towel over and over again, then this story is for you. Researchers have revealed the reason why you should wash your towels between uses and it is horrifying. This will certainly have you throwing away all of your towels immediately


It’s been recommended you use a towel no more than three times before washing it as towels are a breeding ground for millions of bacteria thanks to the fecal and urinary fluid as well as dead skins cells that are found on them. To make matters worse, when you use a towel, you’re actually transferring those cells onto your body


Damp towels are said to be especially full of germs and fungi that can cause infections if they are rubbed into cuts on your skin. One of the primary forms of bacteria found on towels is coliform bacteria which can cause diarrhea

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While this will most likely make you want to wash your towels after every use, never mind after three, a way to tell if your towel is ripe with bacteria is the odor as towels with a musty smell are full of bacteria


Dish towels are another form of towels that are ripe with bacteria and which regular washing is key to preventing its spread. It’s suggested you wash them every week as kitchen towels often collect food stains

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