This is the story of 41 years old Road worker named Lee Hodgson, who got his hand sliced to make his wife happy


Wife Stephanie wanted to surprise him for their wedding anniversary. So she bought her husband a 3D implant that is to be inserted under the skin


It’s a silicon skull which is inserted into tattoo-obsessed Lee’s hand before being stitched up again. The insertion of the skull included a big cut on his right hand. A scalpel is then pushed into the cavity to make space for the skull

Lee Hodgson skull-tattoo1

It’s a gruesome and painful procedure, which is considered risky in the tattoo industry because infections are common

Lee Hodgson -skull-tattoo 2

Both have a shared passion for body art and piercings on Channel4. Lee has more than 40 tattoos and has gifted his wife body art for her birthday including a whole sleeve

Lee Hodgson -skull-tattoo

Interesting thing is that Lee feels no pain and he is planning for the next one.

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