6 Pack Abs

Here we are talking about a 3-year-old boy named Dash Meagher from Australia who already got 6 pack abs and biceps. See the pictures of toddler with 6 pack abs..

There is not one physical activity Dash Meagher doesn’t like, he likes running, jumping and climbing trapezes in his spare time 

Climbing frame: While Dash is obviously very strong, his mum Ursula insists he is just a normal boy who loves ice cream

Dash hasn’t always had things so easy – he was an IVF baby who has defied the odds

6 Pack Abs .. 6 Pack Abs...

He can lift shovels, run four kilometres and jump for hours on a trampoline

6 Pack Abs

Dash is extremely energetic and loves finding something to hang off or climb in the house

baby2-min 6 Pack Abs

He’s too young to realize he has a six pack, but he’s already incredibly muscly and just loves to exercise

baby3-min  6 Pack Abs

baby-min 6 Pack Abs

While he may be still young, Ursula(mother) one day hopes her son might go on to do gymnastics

Boy got his own  Instagram page ‘fitspiration’ with thousands of followers

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